Dahlgren Officers' Spouses' Club


The Rosemarie Blades Honorary Scholarship

Previous Recipients:
 2016 Noah Freye 2015 Sean Lewis
  Jasmine Floress  Hannah Frye
  Chrisney Pettit  Tabitha Hill

2014Michael Stevens 2013 Rachel Molloy
  Michael Bible  Rebekah Molloy
  Alexander Mellot  Zachary Lowe
  Sheila Craine  Brendan Thomas
    Nicholas Stillwaggon
    Laura Gilchrist
 2012Christian Vardaman 2011  Jared Stevens
  Giovanni Burstion Cale Coryell 
  Justin Vinneau Katherine Haas 
  Janet Phimmasone Margaret Orr 
  Meghan Geoghegan Shelley Hawkes 
    Kimberly Heitmeyer
 2010Michael Cannon 2009 Nicole Heitmeyer 
  Kirsten Lowe Daniel Knowlton 
    Jonathan Lesher
    Lara Carreon
 2008Andrew Knowlton 2007 Kristen Long 
  Rebecca Cryer Patrick Mooney 
    Charisse Thornton
 2006JoEllen Lesher 2005 Greg Liddy 

Scholarship Requirements

The 2019 Scholarship information is now available.  Please download the application by clicking the link here (it will open in a new window as a PDF file): 2019 DOSC Scholarship Application

**If you cannot access the application via the link above please email dosscholarships@yahoo.com and an application form will be sent to you** 


Because of the efforts of the wonderful volunteers, DOSC donates thousands of dollars to the base and the community every year.

We announce the recipients in May each year and host an awards ceremony for the successful applicants.  

Application Deadline is March 9, 2019.

Charity Requirements

Click on the link below to download the flyer which lists all the application requirements.  The flyer is in PDF format and will open in a new window.  All applications MUST be postmarked via the USPS by the date listed on the flyer (March 9, 2019).

2019 DOSC Charity Announcement